Iraj Ispahani, Chief Executive Officer, Ispahani Advisory Ltd

Iraj Ispahani

Chief Executive Officer

Iraj Ispahani, Chief Executive Officer, Ispahani Advisory Ltd. Iraj Ispahani is the CEO of Ispahani Advisory Ltd. and is based in London. Ispahani Advisory advises family businesses …

Nicolette Fourie

Nicolette Fourie

Chief Administrative Officer
Cape Town

Nicolette Fourie worked in Financial Services and Executive Search in London for over 12 years. Now based in Cape Town, Nicolette has expertise in client relations, project …

Philip Marcovici

Philip Marcovici

Senior Advisor
Hong Kong

Philip Marcovici, of the Offices of Philip Marcovici, is retired from the practice of law and consults with governments, financial institutions and global families in relation to tax, wealth management …

Stefan Liniger – Senior Advisor

Stefan Liniger

Senior Advisor

Stefan Liniger is the Chief Executive of Kaiser Partner Wealth Advisors, a leading wealth advisory group in family ownership, with roots that stretch back to 1931 …