Mandy Saligari

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Mandy Saligari (MSc, MBACP, NCAC, SMMGP), co-founder and now clinical director of the outpatient clinic Charter Harley Street, is a registered therapist and counsellor, published author and regular contributor to print press as well as radio and television. Originally specialising in addiction treatment, Mandy entered the field after coming into recovery in 1990 and quickly earned a reputation for clinical excellence and successful outcomes.

In 2008 Mandy launched Charter Harley Street, London’s first private clinic dedicated to treating addiction in an outpatient setting. Here she successfully delivers her pioneering model of care, targeting addiction early enough to effect change and create full, sustainable recovery.

Supported by a team personally trained to deliver her treatment model effectively, she works towards achieving recovery within the context of personal relationships. Special emphasis is placed on the family network, especially on those with significant wealth attempting to cope with the emotional and relational challenges arising from issues such as family planning for succession, dealing with an unwell family member or members et cetera.

Mandy is a special panel adviser to the Centre for Social Justice during their fact-finding deliberations on addiction on behalf of the Advisory Panel. Her first book, ‘Proactive Parenting’, outlines her approach. Released by Orion Publishing in February 2019, the book quickly became a number one bestseller.  Three series of her television programme ‘In Therapy’, have been broadcast on Channel 5.

Passionately committed to dispelling the myths surrounding addiction and mental health, Mandy is a compelling public speaker well known for her engaging, no-nonsense approach to relationships and addiction. She prioritises the family, teaching individuals how to communicate with dignity and respect in family contexts.

For The McLellan Practice, the leading provider of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) speakers in independent schools in the UK, Mandy maintains and expands her commitment to early pre-addiction intervention through education by delivering presentations and workshops in the independent schools sector to students and parents, as well as teacher training.