Our Perspective

Our experience of the intersection of personal and corporate wealth and the inherent tensions this can create allows us to act as an effective sounding board and advisor for our clients as they think and work through strategic issues.

Family businesses face the challenge of balancing business and family issues in developing their business strategy. Once there is clarity about the strategic direction of the business, the roles and responsibilities of family members and steering groups need to be clearly defined, understood and implemented. Ownership and control need to be looked at through different lenses.

Decisions about investing and growth are as essential as developing and retaining talent. Contingency planning, risk management and protecting the business from potential family disputes are paramount, just as decisions about capital raising, joint-ventures and other corporate transactions need to be contemplated well ahead.

Our clients, whether family businesses or founder led businesses, ask for guidance on a range of capital solutions including growth capital, divestiture of non-core assets and liquidity creation to buy out a minority or majority shareholder. Working alongside a client’s financial advisors, we add our particular perspective on the implications of these transactions for the family and related governance and planning.