Family Online Reputation Management – Digital Privacy and Risk

Protecting the family reputation is paramount and a collective responsibility. Most families we advise are intensely private. Many have built up and passed on the family fortune quietly and beneath the radar. The matriarch and patriarch of the family typically grew up in era where keeping their counsel was the norm. Many do not run public companies so are not bound to release information into the public domain. Today’s next generations, groomed to take over the family business, have been brought up in the social media era. What this has inevitably done is trigger a generational tension between how to preserve the family privacy yet adapt to the digital revolution. In a world facing disruption and rapid technology driven change family businesses and wealth owners increasingly need guidance on proactively managing their digital risk including on online reputation strategies, crisis communications and digital privacy.

Reputation risks for families today are both external and internal and there is disinformation and misinformation on the internet relating to some families which needs to be addressed. Ispahani Advisory clients benefit from our colleagues’ expertise on helping families, family businesses and family offices better comprehend the security and reputational threats emerging from the internet. IAL clients can learn how to develop protocols for digital resilience and how to prepare and respond to a communications crisis.