Ispahani Advisory Podcast

The Ispahani Advisory podcast channel brings you thought leadership and pragmatic advice from a group of experts with experience of working with wealth-owning families globally across generations.

Family Business and Responsible Wealth Ownership: Preparing the Next Generation.
This podcast series features episodes on chapters from Ispahani Advisory’s recently published book.

Preface and Chapter I

Managing your context today and finding and deploying purpose

Iraj Ispahani, Ispahani Advisory

Iraj Ispahani, Chief Executive Officer, Ispahani Advisory Ltd

Chapter II

Effective mentoring for the next generation

Jessica McGawley, Dallington Associates

Jessica McGawley, Dallington Associates

Chapter III

Safeguarding the family’s digital narrative: how to navigate the challenges of the social media revolution

Charlie Bain, Digitalis

Charlie Bain, Digitalis

Chapter IV

#GenerationNow: resolving intergenerational conflicts through resilience and grit

Dr Paul Hokemeyer, Drayson Mews International

Dr Paul Hokemeyer, Drayson Mews International

Chapter V

Women: wealth and self-reliance

Caroline Underwood OBE, Philanthropy Company
Philip Marcovici, The Offices of Philip Marcovici

Caroline Underwood
Philip Marcovici, Principal, Offices of Philip Marcovici, Hong Kong