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Phenomenal Family Office Series, 7 October 2020
Standard Bank Group

Ispahani Advisory has partnered with The Family Office of Standard Bank to create educational content for their new client portal. This Phenomenal Family Office Series was launched by Sim Tshabalala, Standard Bank Group Chief Executive and Lisa Forster, Head Family Office on 7 October 2020.

Presenters of week 1 event - Phenomenal Family Office series

Week 1

Presenters include Ispahani Advisory Leadership Development Expert, Kedge Martin. Kedge discusses how the next generation can prepare for responsibility in a world that has been reshaped forever.

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Week 2

Presenters include Ispahani Advisory Business Strategy Expert, Ed Lee. Ed discusses The Family Bank and how to develop entrepreneurs in the Family.

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The Changing Landscape, 27 May 2020
Smith & Williamson, Ispahani Advisory Ltd., Offices of Philip Marcovici

Speakers: Rupert Phelps, Partner, Smith & Williamson Investment Management LLP
Iraj Ispahani, CEO, Ispahani Advisory Ltd.
Philip Marcovici, Principal, Offices of Philip Marcovici

The only certainty for business and wealth owning families is uncertainty. Increasing wealth and income inequality is driving change around the world. This will inevitably impact the interests of business and wealth owners.

This online webinar was held under the Chatham House Rule and was exclusively for Smith & Williamson guests.

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Ispahani Advisory
Offices of Philip Marcovici

Iraj Ispahani in conversation with Elizabeth Bagger, Director General, The Institute of Family Business, 19 May 2020

Elizabeth Bagger

In these unprecedented times of economic, social and political crisis, history serves both as a reminder of disruption and its consequences, and as a compass for navigating through times of challenge. What can business owners today learn from family businesses that have survived major disruptions?

Is family business resilience due to good risk management or good fortune? Can family business values help steer your direction during disorientating times? Iraj Ispahani offered his perspective, as a business owner, on how to lead through crisis and into the future.

This online webinar was held under the Chatham House Rule and was exclusively for IFB Members

Ispahani Advisory
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Political risk minimisation: A roadmap for wealth and business owners, London, June 2018
Ispahani Advisory and Withers LLP Roundtable

Hussein Haeri

Guest Speaker: Hussein Haeri

Click here to read more on the white paper written by Hussein Haeri of Withers, Iraj Ispahani and Philip Marcovici on political risk minimisation.