The Cambridge Judge Business School’s New Responsible Family Business and Wealth Ownership Programme

Family Office Magazine, Spring Edition 2018

The Executive Education unit of Cambridge Judge Business School has launched a new Responsible Family Business and Wealth Ownership Programme, with the inaugural session for families taking place in Cambridge, England in October 2018.

Withers White paper – Political risk minimisation: A roadmap for wealth and business owners

Written by:  Hussein Haeri, Iraj Ispahani and Philip Marcovici, June 2018

Political Risk Minimisation – A roadmap for wealth and business owners

Family Office Magazine, Winter Edition 2018

Political risk is one of the most salient concerns of international investors today. Such risks are far from being confined to nationalisations or direct expropriations of international investments.

Lights, Camera, Action! – Conduct in Asset Management

Authors: Iraj Ispahani and Mark Abrahamson, Oliver Wyman, 2015

Asset managers have had a relatively easy ride. At least as far as scandals are concerned, the industry has not been subjected to the vilification directed at banking, whether for mis-selling or for undermining market integrity. “We have a proud fiduciary legacy” is the prevailing motto, appealing to a golden era (perhaps imaginary) when the industry invested carefully for a modest fee.