In 2018 Iraj Ispahani and Philip Marcovici became founding advisors of the Responsible Family Business & Wealth Ownership Programme created by Cambridge Judge Business School.

The programme focused on next generation and business succession but importantly also on ownership and application of more passive wealth and holistic needs of families. An underlying theme of the programme was risk management in a world characterised by disruption.

In 2021 Iraj Ispahani and Philip Marcovici became founding advisors of the Multi-Generational Leadership Programme at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). CISL will convene an exclusive group of influential families to help them understand social, environmental and economic changes, the consequences on value and the impacts on their family and its stakeholders. The programme will focus on building the leadership capabilities for participants to proactively deliver a sustainable economy. The programme will build on four key themes, each selected to enhance the strategic thinking of participants so that they can be more effective in leading the transition to a sustainable economy.

  • Building Human Capital: The changing social, environmental and economic context requires different strategic thinking and new knowledge.

  • Families in the 21st Century: Families hold disproportionate capability to lead the transition to a sustainable economy through the way they deploy assets, the causes they support and the behaviours they adopt and advocate.

  • Financial Stewardship: Value is changing in the new context, with issues such as climate change presenting new risks and opportunities.

  • Stakeholder Relationships: Families have complex internal relationships and increasingly difficult relationships with the communities where they operate. Anticipating and responding to stakeholder expectations – especially in an interconnected world – will be essential to mitigate risk, identify future needs and support innovative ways to transition to a sustainable economy.

To learn more about this programme at CISL click here.

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