Counselling and Psychotherapy

We work in partnership with Mandy Saligari both individually and at her outpatient clinic, Charter Harley Street. Familiar with family offices and wealth management, Mandy has significant experience working with the problems associated with wealth succession.  Specialising in relationships and addiction, an intensive session with Mandy over a half-day or series of days will clarify and begin to address the areas of difficulty to bring about sustainable change. 
Delivering bespoke counselling and psychotherapy services to families, individuals and companies,  Charter Harley Street successfully treats emotional and behavioural difficulties relating to stress, anxiety, depression, relationship tension and communication breakdown which often result in self-destructive behaviour patterns such as addiction, burnout or other forms of attempts to control. 
Charter Harley Street provides group therapy treatment for early intervention in an addictive process, as well as post-rehabilitation to reduce likelihood of relapse significantly. With admission from 16+, common addictions treated include: drug and alcohol problems, gambling, screen addiction, eating disorders, compulsive caretaking and love addiction.