Succession Planning and Asset Protection

Succession planning and asset protection are difficult things for families to address, particularly in an increasingly transparent and complex world. Wealth can become a destructive force in family relationships, and challenges come from within the family as well as from governments and others. Tax, political risk, divorces and legal claims make it difficult for wealth owners to navigate the succession and asset protection process safely.

  • We conduct “health checks” on the succession and asset protection structures of families, reviewing what’s in place and helping to ask the important “what-ifs” that all wealth owners should be asking. 
  • We liaise closely with tax and legal consultants to ensure that approaches taken in view of tax and legal objectives are consistent with good governance and standards of excellence in family succession and asset protection.
  • We challenge existing asset protection and succession structures, helping wealth owning families to identify areas of risk and where conflicts of interests within or outside the family may be the cause of future problems.
  • We help families understand the real costs and benefits of wealth management services, such as asset management, trust services and use of insurance products.