Dominic Rouvier

Head of Technology and Support

Dominic Rouvier has over 20 years of experience in the IT consultancy sector and provides technology and communications support to Ispahani Advisory. He is based in North Italy.

His passion for technology throughout the 80’s burgeoned into providing for the high demand of IT support to business start-ups in Central London during the late 90’s dot com boom.

He then moved on to setup his own business specialising in IT solutions for small businesses in London during the early 2000’s, During that period, he also gained corporate and technical event management experience as a sub-contractor for Intel Corporation showcasing their latest computer processors via the first ever e-sports competitions.

By mid-2000’s he was recruited by a well-connected IT consultancy company specialising in always synced data connection services in a ‘pre-cloud’ era for high net worth individuals in the South East of UK. For more than a decade he has continued to focus on the critical IT services required for small businesses and professionals that would otherwise not be available to them outside of a corporate environment.

Dominic was educated at the French Lycée in South Kensington, London and has a BSc in Environmental Geography from Hertfordshire University. He is also a trained communications coach and NLP practitioner.